Team 2/8 Motor Transport Baking Angels ~ May 2015

Featuring SGT Josheua Scarfone

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A little about Team 2/8 Motor Transport and Josh

Josheua's team was made possible by his mother, Serina Hastings and his wife, Amber. You can tell that this young Marine is very special to his wife and mother. Serina wrote, "I am very proud of him." Josheua is a Tennesee boy and joined the Marines when he was 17. Thank you, Serina and Amber, for helping to make this team possible!

Bentley & cadence, josheua & amber's sons

Amber shares a little about Josheua and their family. She writes, "We have two boys. Bentley is four and Cadence is two. He is an amazing husband and an even greater father. Our boys mean the world to him. He is so selfless and hardly ever spends money on himself. He always makes sure our boys have everything they need. He spoils them. Too much if you ask me."

Josheua, bentley, cadence, and amber

Amber shares, "Josheua joined the Marine Corps when he was a Junior in High School. He went through basic training right after graduation. He is a mechanic for the military. He is an outstanding Marine. He takes his job very seriously. He picked up Sergeant over two years ago. This June he will have been in the Marine Corps for seven years."

josheua's father, mother serina, wife amber, and josheua

"He is almost finished with his 2nd enlistment in the military. We have decided as a family we want to start the next chapter in our lives. I am from Missouri and he is from Tennessee but he decided he wants me to be able to live close to my family so we are going to live in Missouri when he gets out of the Corps. Our boys are the same ages as my niece and nephews. My niece is four and I have two nephews that are two. The boys will be able to grow up with their cousins."

josheua, amber, cadence, and bentley

Our Angels are most delighted to be able to support this lovely family. And now for a few special wish-list items for Josheua and his Buddies!

Special Requests ~ Please check back for updates to this list!


Team Updates!

Our Angels are rockin' this month and lots of Goodie Boxes are heading out to our team! Thank you to all my Angels for your terrific support each and every month!

From Angel Cindy...I love making pillowcases for our Troops and shipping treats and comfort items. My Pack & Ship for the Troops friends shipped 3 boxes this month!

From Angel Peggy....lots of sweet treats, pillowcases, and neck coolers to keep our Troops comfy! Thanks again, Peggy!