Team 1/5 Alphas Baking Angels ~ November 2017

Featuring Lcpl Jonathan Sheehan

A little about Team 1/5 Alphas...

Thank you Susan, for referring your son, Jonathan and his Company for our Angel support! Our Angels are looking forward to sharing their TLC with them.

Susan shares, "Jonathan is on the 15th MEU and part of 1st Battalion 5th Marines, Alpha Co. 1st Squad. He just turned 21 and has been in 1 year. He's wanted to be a Marine since he was little! He is a rifleman and in infantry."

Special Requests...

Susan adds, "He said the biggest thing about being on a ship is boredom! As Marines deployed on a Navy ship, they don't have jobs while at sea, just when they reach a port, which is every two weeks or so! He's really not very picky, so almost anything would be appreciated!"