Team Task Force Pale Horse Baking Angels ~ December 2014

Featuring CPT Geoffrey Anderson

* See Updates Below!

A little about Team TF Pale Horse

Cindy's Baking Angels is proud to support Team TF Pale Horse! Let's bring our heroes a Christmas to remember!

CPT Anderson writes, "We are the headquarters and headquarters company of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. While the brigade has Soldiers in several locations throughout Afghanistan, most of our company is here at Bagram Airbase. We provide our subordinate task forces with automations, networking, personnel, intelligence, and operations support."

He continues, "As a brigade, we provide helicopter support to well over half of the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) in Afghanistan. As we continue with the retrograde in Afghanistan we have been extremely busy moving both people and equipment out of the country. We are also supporting Afghan forces throughout the country as they continue their mission."

Anderson shares, "We are proud to help finish the 14 year old Operation Enduring Freedom in December and begin the United States' new mission, Resolute Support."

Special Requests

Anderson and his Troops are most appreciative of anything our Angels can send. In particular, CPT Anderson shares, "It's very rare to see any baked goods here. As it gets colder Keurig cups coffee, hot chocolate, and apple cider cups seem to become more and more popular."


Team Updates!

Our Angels are working feverishly to prepare their Angel Goodie Boxes. A very special thank you to them all for their ongoing support of our Troops and Cindy's Baking Angels! You ROCK!

From Angel Barb...some fun activities and treats for our Troops to enjoy! Thank you, Barb!

From Angel Dina & her co-workers @ the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health's Human Resources Dept...3 Large boxes heading to Team TF Pale Horse! Thank you all for your commitment to our Troops and awesome goodie boxes!

From Angel Josi...scrumptuous snacks to keep our Troops happy! Thank you, Josi, for your support!

Team Desert Bulldogs

Team Desert Bulldogs

Team Desert Bulldogs

From Angel Gloria and friends...2 boxes of Goodies are heading to Team Military Police! Thank you all for your support of our Military!

From Angel Cindy...Christmas treats, pillowcases, and other surprises for our Troops!

From Angel Mary....Rice Krispy treats and treats to warm any Soldier's heart. Thank you, Mary, for all YOU do!

From Angel Brenda...Frosted peppermint cookies and peppermint chocolate chip shortbread heading to our Team. Thank you, Brenda!

From Angel Shawn...our first time Angel sent 72 oatmeal-raisin cookies to our Troops! Thank you, Shawn, for your support!

From Angel Peggy....another incredible box of goodies. Thank you!