Calling All Angels! Special Team Event!

Thanks to all who are contributing baked goods for our special team event! This event is now closed!

* See Our Photo Updates Below!

Dear Angels,

We have been called to support our Spartan Warriors! Theresa Botts is spearheading the "Spartan Weekend," May 6th-8th for wounded Veterans and Caregivers and their children. There will be 45 children in attendance and Theresa is looking for snacks for them during their 6-hour workshop time.

Theresa writes, "The Spartan Pledge is a commitment among warfighters to one another to not take their own life but rather stand for their fellow soldiers in time of despair. With these simple words the pledge has proven to be an effective deterrent to a spiral of hoplessness and offers a mission of brotherhood and a promise for tomorrow. To our knowledge, and to date, no one who has taken the pledge has taken their own life."

For more information about the Spartan Weekend, CLICK HERE!

Items Needed: 

All items will be shipped directly to Theresa Botts and are due no later than April 29th!

Below are a few Amazon links to suggested products! Baked goodies are welcome, too!


How to Join & Support Spartan Weekend:

1) Email

2) List item(s) and quantity you are able to provide. 
3) Shipping information will be emailed shortly thereafter.
4) Include full name and Bakinggals username, if available.
     Note: Bakinggals membership is not required for this special event. All are welcome!

I will coordinate all items. Please do not purchase anything until I reconfirm with you.

Once we have met their needs, team registration will close. I suggest signing up right away, if you are interested.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I appreciate your wonderful support and am looking forward to many more special events where we can support our Warriors! Please stop back for updates!

Warmest regards,
Cindy Zamirowski

Updates from our Angels!

Our Angels are shipping amazing boxes of goodies for the Spartan Weekend! Their children will have lots of treats to enjoy during their weekend stay. Much appreciation to all my Angels for the marvelous work you do and for supporting our Military both local and abroad! I couldn't ask for a more compassionate group of people!