Mask Relief Needed for our Military Round 2!

* UPDATE 6/16/20: Thank you for your support of our Mask project! At this time we are now closed for registration and requests for masks. Please stay safe and thanks again for your support!



The CDC has patterns for a Sewn Cloth Face Covering and Quick Cut T-shirt cloth face covering that may be of help.

Also, the following are guidelines provided by the DOD. In addition, please do not use any decommissioned uniform fabric. The chemicals used on the fabric for bug repellent or flame retardant purposes is/can be hazardous to your health. Regular fabric in these camo patterns is allowed.

Another source that may be helpful is from Carol Esch. Please see her Video on Facebook! Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing this information with me!

Here's an additional video that may be of help from Jenny Doan. This one is made with ties.


Please stay safe and healthy...we are in this together.


Cindy Zamirowski

Enjoy a few photos of our Military with their masks!

Thank you for your service and enjoy the mask!

Masks our Angels are shipping to our Military in Need.

Thank you, Angels, for your marvelous support! You ROCK!

From Angel Bonnie...66 Masks are on their way!

From Angel Bernadette...22 Masks on their way!

From Angel Joan...25 Masks are on their way!


From Angel Pat Michelle & Courtney...56 Masks are on their way!