American Red Cross: Vincenza, Italy Project!

* Registration for our project is now closed. Thank you to all our Angels who have supported this special project.

The American Red Cross in Vicenza, Italy, has requested comfort items for our Deployed Troops. Due to recent quick deployments from several locations here in the US, our Military has requested additional supplies that I hope you may be able to help provide.

Here is the post from the American Red Cross Vicenza FaceBook page:

Our military has asked the Red Cross to help supply our troops with comfort items. We are accepting donations (preferably TRAVEL SIZE where available) of the following items:

shaving cream
Wet wipes
Hand sanitizer
Laundry detergent PODS
small washcloths
Feminine hygiene products
Bobby pins
Ponytail holders
Thank you for your support! Blessings and thanks for all you do!