Cindy's Baking Angels

Welcome to Cindy's Baking Angels!

We are Angels dedicated to providing support to our Deployed Military typically in war zones and aboard MEU's. We ship free of charge baked goods and comfort items. Refer your deployed Troop today for our service! Become an Angel today and sign up for our Angel News!


Meet our September Teams!

Registration opens August 24th and closes September 12th! Angels will be needed! Please check them out and consider supporting! Thank you!

Team Bob Hope Village for Widows & Veterans Baking Angels ~ September 2017

Team Bob Hope Village for Widows & Veterans

A little about Team Bob Hope Village for Widows & Veterans....

Semper Fi Sisters is requesting our assistance once again with their Service Project of support for the Widows and Veterans of the Air Force Enlisted Village during their 9th Annual Beach Blast. They will be hosting a "Tea & Tiara" event for the residents.

Click here for more information about Team Bob Hope Village!


Team Dark Horse S-2 Baking Angels ~ September 2017

Featuring PFC Jeremy Agema

Team Dark Horse S-2 Baking Angels

A little about Team Dark Horse S-2....

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Rose, Jeremy's mother, for sharing her son with our Angels! We look forward to supporting your son this fall and know that we will take very good care of him.

Rose writes, "My son Jeremy has been in the Marine Corps since January 2016. He is currently in 3/5 infantry Regiment assigned S-2

Click here for more information about Team Dark Horse S-2!


Team Charlie Co 15th MEU Baking Angels ~ October 2017

Featuring Austin Moore

Registration opens September 24th and closes October 12th!

Team Charlie Co 15th MEU Baking Angels

A little about Team Charlie Co 15th MEU...

Many thanks to Rhonda Moore, his mother, for referring Austin and his Charlie Co for our Angel support. Our Marines are in good hands and our Angels look forward to shipping their Angel care packages to them!

Rhonda writes, "Austin is a Corporal in the Marine Corps. He is stationed at Camp Pendelton and is married. He is currently deployed on the 15th MEU and is a Combat Engineer. He graduated boot camp in October 2014."

Click here for more information about Team Charlie Co 15th MEU!


Team 1/5 Alphas Baking Angels ~ November 2017

Featuring Lcpl Jonathan Sheehan

Registration opens October 24th and closes November 12th.

Team 1/5 Alphas Baking Angels

A little about Team 1/5 Alphas...

Thank you Susan, for referring your son, Jonathan and his Company for our Angel support! Our Angels are looking forward to sharing their TLC with them.

Susan shares, "Jonathan is on the 15th MEU and part of 1st Battalion 5th Marines, Alpha Co. 1st Squad. He just turned 21 and has been in 1 year. He's wanted to be a Marine since he was little! He is a rifleman and in infantry."

Click here for more information about Team 1/5 Alphas!



Pillowcase For the Troops Winter Project!

Look at that smile on Michael Hagan's face of former Team Herronators! Pillowcases have become very popular with our Troops. Each month I ship out homemade fresh new pillowcases to our Troops and the response has often been that they were one of their most favorite items!

We have numerous Teams coming up and the demand is great.

For more information and to sign up, see Pillowcases for the Troops Project!



Referrals Needed!

We are seeking referrals for October & November 2017!

Refer your deployed Troops today!

Deadline for October referral information is September 10th. First come, first served! Contact me today for more information!


Special Treasures Received

Team Raptors with Molina Semple sent our Angels a very special embroidered patch as a thank you! On behalf of our Angels, I thank you, Molina and Team Raptors, for your kind gesture. It will be treasured!

Team Justice League recipient Cpt. Monty McCoy, presented us with a very special treasure...a flag and certificate. This flag was flown over Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan on September 11, 2014, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom by the 313th Military Police Detachment "GATEKEEPERS, All In-Never Fold".

Thank you, Monty and all your Troops for this beautiful sentiment. It is very much appreciated!

Team Panthers recipient, Travis Williams, sent us a very special package. We are honored and this is for all my Angels!

Team Task Force Reaper, with recipient Michelle Lewis, shared these beautiful patches with our Angels. We are honored.

Team Bayonet with Anthony Costello was kind enough to send us this special Certificate of Achievement to our Angels. We were honored to be able to support your Troops and wish you all a safe journey.

Cindy's Baking Angels has received five very special awards from members of our Military Teams. Travis Williams of Team Panthers, Michelle Lewis of the 1-135th ARB D Company, Anthony Costello of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, MSgt David Billa and the US Marine Corps, and MAJ Guido Lyons of Task Force Diamond Head!

On behalf of Team Justice League, Team Panthers, Team Task Force Reaper, Team Bayonet, Team Leatherneck, and Team Wings of Lightning, I proudly and humbly accept Team Panthers US Flag, which was flown on every mission over Kuwait by pilot Travis Williams, along with their patch and Coins; Team TF Reaper patches; and our US FLAGS that were flown over Afghanistan (U.S Marine Corps) and during a combat mission on July 4, 2012 (Task Force Diamond Head;, and Certificate of Achievement (173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team). Thank you all for your effort and caring nature. This is for all my Angels!