Team Tennessee Strong Baking Angels ~ September 2019

Featuring Jeff Johnson

* Thank you to all our Angels who supported Team Tennessee Strong. Our Team is now closed for registration.

Jeff Johnson and his Wife

A little about Team Tennessee Strong....

Many thanks to Jeff's sister, Annette, for referring Jeff for our Angel support this month!

Annette writes, "Jeff joined the National Guard immediately after 9/11 and when he told us he joined, he said, “No one is going to come over here and threaten our children." He was 23. He is now 41 and on his last deployment."

Jeff Johnson and his sister, Annette

Annette shares, "He has served in Afghanistan and Iraq. When not serving his country with the military, he serves a community by being a member of law enforcement as well as being active in his church and leading sermons to serve the Lord. He has four children, a beautiful grandbaby and an amazing wife patiently waiting for his return. We are all so very proud of him and his service and cannot wait to see him."

Rest assured, our Angels will take very good of Jeff and his Buddies!

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