Team Cel2 Fighting Roosters Baking Angels ~ November 2022

Featuring Haylee Leverett

Our Team is now closed. Thank you to all of our Angels for your support!

A little about Team Cel2 Fighting Roosters...

Cindy's Baking Angels would like to thank Aaron Acker for referring Haylee and her Buddies for our support this month! Our Angels are looking forward to showering them with special goodies!

Haylee writes, "Hello, this is AEAN Haylee Leverett from HSM-46.2!
I'd like to tell you a little about my CEL (Combat Element). As a CEL, our primary function is to provide forward presence around the world on behalf of the United States Navy. We may provide aid to both foreign and domestic entities when requested and we are able to execute our mission with extreme accuracy when called upon in support of the defense of the United States of America."

"We are a proud little group and are hoping we can make the people at home proud," adds Haylee.

Special Requests...

"In all honesty we will be happy with anything. We thank you so much for anything," shares Haylee.